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For the past two decades, Genki has been a driving force and one of the most active djs in Hardcore music in the States. Known for his unique sound, and his highly energetic live shows, he truely stands out as one of the most innovative and creative performers out there. As one of the most active Freeform djs in the states, Genki has been dj'ing the style since it's earliest inceptions, being one of the pioneers of it's spreading across the nation.  From dark, twisted and driving Freeform Hardcore to deep, haunting minimal drum & bass soundscapes and everwhere in between, Genki brings a performance and an experience, not just simply a dj set.


From underground and  warehouse raves in the 90s, he developed a devoted following as he was a frequent face at some of the most memorable events of the time, and contributed to the spread of the genre in the US. His first residency was The Abyss, which was the largest nightclub in Virginia. He held this residency spinning every Friday and Saturday night for 5 years. He would go on to hold residencies at Vanqul, Ambush, Bugatti's, and was a resident dj of the Candyball events at Amazura Ballroom, NYC. In addition to keeping a busy live schedule, he was also a frequent dj on Krafty Radio (The UK's largest Hardcore station), and held a weekly radio show where he debuted new Freeform called Enigma Transmissions. Genki was also part of the industrial metal band AI for several years and played and recorded with them as well as appeared in the music video for Guilty. He has been a reoccuring dj for many of the worlds largest conventions including Anthrocon, Nekocon and Further Confusion and often djs many smaller conventions as well. Since his beginnings, he's played in most every state in the country as well as Canada and the UK and 2016 sees him at even more places still as this is his busiest year of gigs yet.


Genki was signed to Kniteforce Records in 2011 and has released an EP called "Man is Obsolete" which is available on the Kniteforce Records website. He is currently working on several different projects including a drum & bass album under his alias Wraith, co-producing a song for Big Mucci and his dark drone project "Changeling" with fellow musician Rainmaker. 

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